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Our group has been involved in several productions both for the television and theatrical release. When involved we provide authentic period soldiers whose reenactment experience, historical knowledge and physical ability allow them to give both a believable and an authentic portrayal for the production.

Theatres of War is willing to be contracted for film work, and all personnel provided come fully armed and equipped as well as having the knowledge to accurately portray a soldier of the period. This can save on production costs for a film company, as often uniform and weapons hire is expensive and of questionable quality and the need to educate extras on period soldiering can be a costly and time wasting procedure for a cinematic production.


Our members have been involved in various productions including:-
National Geographic filming around the 'Atlantic Wall'

Outpost 3 - Rise of the Spetsnaz

The War Inside

We can also be hired for events and displays with a wealth of experience of putting on shows for the public from small half day school talks to huge bank holiday weekend extravaganzas!

If you would be interested in booking our group then please feel free to get in touch.

Battle Equipment

The weapons you can see here are Mauser K98 rifle and MP3008 submachine gun.

Battle Scene

 'Schutzenkette' firing line.

 Half Track & Troops

Privately owned Sdkfz. 251 half-track personnel carrier

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